Partnering on Available Data Centers

" We walk the walk and talk the talk.”


One of the single most important reasons for hiring a broker is to "facilitate a transaction".    There are a lot of places where real estate transactions fall apart and brokers must be able to overcome objections and create a transaction that works for all parties.   This can only be done from a background of knowledge and experience.   Real Estate experience and knowing a few data center buzzwords is just not enough.


Before a broker can facilitate the transaction, he has to understand where the value is;

  •     80% of data center development cost is for the utilities and MEP infrastructure.
  •     20% is for the land and building envelope..

Surround yourself with the best people!  Build a full team.  Capture all of the value!


With a primary focus on Data Center Facilities, KJ Baudry, Inc. often partners with other brokers and developers to market select second generation data center space and properties suitable for data center development.  


Typical Services include:

  • Assessments & Due Diligence,
  • Creating a marketable "vision" and Identification of Marketing Points,
  • Test Fits based on Prospect Requirements,
  • Handling  "Objections",
  • Financial Analysis,
  • Comparison of Proposed Transactions,
  • Cost Estimation and Scheduling and
  • Post Transaction Management and Implementation

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