Engineering and Project Management

"The more challenging the better"

While we occasionally design new facilities, most of our work is focused on existing data center facilities.  

Increased power loads, changing standards and architectures, have left many data centers obsolete.   While many service providers focus on ground up design, we believe that building new isn't always the best option for our customer.  

In fact, new construction and relocation is generally a significant cost, comes with considerable risk and is often unnecessary.

Over the past twenty years, the bulk our customers have been 2,000 to 10,000 sf data centers with real challenges and tight budgets.   As a result, we have become very adept at upgrading power and air conditioning system and expanding live data centers.  We have found the keys to success to be

1) good design,
2) attention to every detail,
3) reasonable risk mitigation efforts and
4) hand in hand effort with the customer.

Our design and engineering services are focused on generating solutions. Taking on a “hard to solve” issue, working out a viable solution, and obtaining buy in from the stakeholders. 

Our work is generally not aimed at reducing cost but at creating long term economies by making better decisions, supportable decisions that merit funding and position our clients for the long term.

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