Partnering on Tenant Representation

"We want to help you to win business and earn commissions in Data Center Real Estate"

Not a data center broker?  Don’t worry.   Every business has a data center need and the odds are that you already have your first transaction in your book of existing clients

Here’s our offer;   To win data center business and earn a commission, you need to win a lot of "YES"  votes. 
Now, you might be able to win the business with just the real estate director, but you can't close a transaction without the other "YES" votes.  And if you don't close the transaction, you aren't earning a commission.

Success means different things to different people and our goal is same as yours; win business, deliver on our assignments and make good money!

We have a mufti-discipline team and can work as part of your team or we can work direct for your client.  We don’t have a preference other then make it easy for the client. 

Partner with us and we will help you;

  • win the Real Estate Director's "yes" vote,
  • win the CFO’s “yes” vote,
  • win the CIO’s “yes” vote,
  • win the COO’s “yes” vote,
  • win the CEO’s “yes” vote,

Partner with us and we will help you;

  • carry the ball and manage the effort,
  • qualify the client,
  • qualify the subject facilities,
  • compare subject facilities and analyze proposals,
  • negotiate lease rates, terms and conditions.

We want your business.

The next step is yours, call us, meet our team and see how easy it is to earn data center commissions.

To learn more, download our Qualifications & Experience Package or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 404-509-2231.