Partnering to Win and Deliver Business

 "Lets partner to win more business!"

We regularly partner with Real Estate Developers and Brokers, Architects, Engineers,  Contractors, IT Consultants and VARs, Engineers and other professionals to win and deliver complex business opportunities.


First, most service providers have a core business that they are very good at.  Data Center opportunities typically don't fall in any single firms sweet spot.

Second, its difficult for any one firm to find and retain the diverse array of personnel needed to win and successfully deliver complex assignments.

Finally, we don't have a large enough sales force or budget to adequately cover a national and international prospect base.    Partnering has been an effective approach for us.

Is PARTNERING an issue for our prospects and clients?

No.  partnering and teaming is common across all sizes of business.  Its even common for large competitors such as Apple and IBM to partner.

Do we compete with our partners?

Not directly or in any significant manner.  We spend most of our marketing efforts looking for partners.  Occasionally, two of our partners may compete for the same opportunity.

Roughly 20% of our work is direct and does not involve a partner.

How do we contract with our partners and clients?

We can work as part of your team or we can work direct for the client.  We don’t have a preference other then make it easy for the client. Flexibility wins business!

How do we determine where our services start and stop (scope)?

We build the scope based on the opportunity and in a way that compliments the partners in house capabilities.  For many of our clients, we provide complete, End-to-End services.  For other clients, we simply work as a "player-coach", facilitating the in-house management of a program thru project support and advisory services.

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