Site Selection

We think that everyone in this business is a little guilty of pontificating about all the dangers that must be avoided when looking for data center sites; railroads, cell towers, highways, nuclear power plants,  airports, hazardous materials, manufacturing and  broadcast facilities, areas subject to hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, not enough water, too much water, earthquakes, civil unrest, downtown areas, urban areas, suburban areas,  people, dogs, cows and pigs…… 

If you actually followed all of these so called "requirements and constraints", you would end up with a very expensive facility in a place that nobody wants to live. In fact, because there are multiple stakeholders and requirements often conflict, its not likely that anyone can actually comply will all of the requirements.

The most common aspect of requirements is that they are routinely ignored and violated.

While these constraints are important and we may make light of our competition, there are three that are particularly important?

  • Fiber
  • Power
  • Tax Abatement and Incentives

In the end, cost tends to be the top site selection criteria; 

  • 80% of data center development cost is for the utilities and MEP infrastructure. Saving 10% on 80% results in an 8% savings. 
  • 20% is for the land and building envelope. Saving 10% on 20% results in a 2% savings.

Surround yourself with the best people!  Build a full team.  Capture all of the savings!

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